Pharmacy Automation Consulting

Optimize Performance of Your Investment

Pharmacy operations often make very significant investments in technology yet fail to fully realize the value of their investments. Confusing informatics architectures, multiple technology vendors and internal pharmacy operating processes can all combine to limit the utility of automation and technology. Visante can help you optimize your investments in pharmacy automation and technology. Our experts are well versed in a wide variety of automation and technology options and, combined with our extensive hospital pharmacy operations experience, can help your hospital or health system to maximize operational effectiveness, patient outcomes and financial results from your technology.

Visante’s Pharmacy Automation Consulting & Technology  Services:

Visante’s team can provide strategic direction and operational acumen from initial planning and product selection, through the implementation process and beyond. Each stage presents opportunities to realize the product benefit.

  • Technology strategic planning and implementation support
  • Technology capital budget planning and development support
  • Return-on-investment optimization
  • Facility design

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