Outpatient Pharmacy
Revenue Calculator

Discover Your Outpatient Pharmacy’s Revenue Potential With This Quick Calculator

Just answer these five simple questions for an estimate of possible contribution to the bottom line for your hospital/health system through new or expanded outpatient pharmacy services.

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  1. Number of hospital discharges (annual)
  2. Number of outpatient clinic visits (annual)
  3. Number of emergency department visits (annual)
  4. Number of employees
  5. 340B (Select one)

Below are the calculator results indicating the potential annual revenue that your hospital/health system could achieve from new or expanded outpatient pharmacy services.

Estimated potential annual revenue (net collections)
Estimated potential annual contribution margin*

*Contribution margin = Net collected revenue less direct costs (i.e. drug costs + personnel)

These simple calculations are meant for illustrative purposes only and should not be used for ultimate decision-making. For more information or a more detailed analysis, contact Visante using the feedback option below.

Examples of new or expanded outpatient pharmacy services may include:

  • A comprehensive meds-to-beds program for better service to patients and increased Rx capture rates
  • Addition of specialty pharmacy services
  • Dedicated pharmacy services available in clinics and the Emergency Department
  • Redesign of the employee Rx benefit to encourage the use of in-house pharmacies
Additional benefits include:
  • Improving medication reconciliation at admission to reduce adverse drug events during and after hospitalization
  • Cost savings on employee Rx benefits
  • Greater capability to manage risk under bundled ACO contracts

Now that you know how much revenue you may be missing, fill in the contact information below for a no-obligation discussion with one of our outpatient pharmacy experts, and let us show you how you can capture it.