Special Hospital Consulting

Jim Stevenson (PharmD, FASHP) is President of Visante’s Hospital & Health Systems Services practice serving with practice leads Gregory Burger (MS, RPh, FASHP) and Kristin Fox-Smith (MPA).

Antimicrobial Stewardship Consulting Service

Visante has developed an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach for institutional antimicrobial stewardship programs to help improve patient safety and clinical outcomes while reducing costs, lengths of stay, and readmissions. Our approach is to work alongside client organizations to develop an approach that includes physicians, nurses and clinical pharmacists to administer the optimal antibiotic at the correct dose and at the right time to improve therapeutic effectiveness. Results of effective AMS programs have yielded reduced lengths of stay with fewer readmissions and a significantly reduced drug spend. Use this link to download a pdf describing Visante’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Assessments.

Patient Safety Assessment

Until recently, patient safety within the healthcare organization was viewed primarily as a risk management issue with emphasis on decreasing law suits. Visante’s Patient Safety Assessment tool utilizes the scientific discipline of human factors and its importance to patient and employee safety with regard to the complexity of patient care, effective teamwork, understanding and learning from errors, understanding and managing clinical risk, quality improvement methods, engaging with patients and caregivers, infection control, invasive procedures and impact and improving of medication safety. To learn more about our Patient Safety Assessments use this link.

Drug Diversion Prevention

Drug diversion from hospital pharmacies and anywhere else prescription drugs are stored is nothing new. However, the number and magnitude of these thefts in addition to the lives ruined from feeding addictions are far more common than most hospital leaders would care to believe. Visante has several consultants who have established highly effective drug diversion assessments and programs stressing interdisciplinary medication management and coordination with local law enforcement. As one consultant recently said “in a hospital of 500+ beds if you are not uncovering four or more of these cases each month, you are fooling yourself.” We have discovered cases of theft from vendors, technicians, and clinicians inside and outside of the pharmacy as well as issues with controlled substances in Emergency, ICUs and Operating departments in-house and in free standing units. Use this link to learn more about Visante’s services for combating Drug Diversion.

Focus on Heart Failure Management

Heart failure is one of the five top cause for admission in US hospitals and costs the nation an estimated $34.4 billion each year for healthcare and loss of productivity. Of the more than one million people hospitalized each year with heart failure, around 250,00 will find themselves back in hospital care within 30 days of their initial discharge. New rules have been instituted by CMS imposing financial penalties and is being examined by other third party payers to combat this high rate of readmission and extended morbidity among these patients. Visante has several clinical specialists who have worked closely with various institutions to develop a highly successful set of treatment protocols that can reduce morbidity and mortality while significantly improving patient quality of life.  Use this link to learn more about Visante’s Heart Failure Management program.

Readmission Risk Reduction

Hospitals with higher than expected readmission rates for heart failure (HF), acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and pneumonia are targeted for reimbursement penalties. Visante has clinical teams that have the advantage of an external and objective review of these and related cases in your hospital. Among this group are a physician who developed an extremely successful program to intervene in cases of HF and AMI, a pharmacist with advanced training and experience in heart failure pharmacotherapy, and two Infection Disease pharmacy specialists able to assess and recommend cost-effective and medically superior therapies to combat pneumonia and other infectious diseases. Our specialist in medication reconciliation has worked with several facilities that have seen drops in readmission and improvement in patient satisfaction due to optimization of drug lists and improved education for proper administration and adherence.