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General Information Sheets About Visante’s Government Programs consulting services

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Medicare Strategic Review Services

Visante Services for Plan Sponsors

Coverage Determinations, Appeals and Grievances (CDAG)

First tier, Downstream, and Related Entity Oversight (FDR)

Formulary and Benefit Administration (FA)

Employer Group Waiver Plans (EGWP)

Ad Hoc Operational and Compliance Support

Recent Articles by Visante Consultants Published in Professional Journals

Take 2: Revised Audit Protocols for Medicare Plans

Is PBM Transparency an Answer to Controlling Rising Drug Costs?

Medicare Plans Face New Oversight and Scrutiny From Audit Changes

Medicare Part D Plans Provide the Average Beneficiary Convenient Access to Preferred Pharmacies with Significant Savings

340B Discount Program in the Cross Hairs

Medicare Part D Plans Burdened by Hospice Payment Reform

Hurdles for Medicare Plans Posed by 2014 Audit Requirements

How Pharmacy Networks Could Save Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Payers $115 Billion

Myths and Realities of Medication Waste in Medicare Part D


“Extra Caution Encouraged as Medicare Plans Brace for CMS 2015 Audit Season” Contact Wendy Weingart, Senior Vice President, Managed Care Services for information about how to access this archived webinar.

Point of View (Blog) Articles

“Targeting Transition Compliance: Is CMS driving in the right direction?”

“Your Medicare Annual Risk Assessment: A few Suggestions”

“CMS’s Busy 4th Quarter”

“5 Top Areas of Concern for MTM”

“5 Nagging CDAG Issues Begging for Attention”

“Part D Formularies Under Inspection by CMS: Will Yours Pass Muster?”

“Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation’s New Oncology Care Model”

“CMS Audit and Enforcement Conference: Key Highlights for MA and PDP Plans”

“2015 CMS Audit Changes: 5 Critical Risk Points”

“Medicare’s EGWPs: Growth in Numbers, Regulation, and Scrutiny”

“Civil Monetary Penalties: Four Astounding Trends Medicare Plans Must See”

“Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program Optimization – A Look at CMS Concerns”

“CMS Casts a ‘Beam of Scrutiny’ on the Medicare Hospice Program: Med D Operations Beware!”

“Sparks not Fireworks: Key Policy Changes for Part D From CMS 2015 Final Call Letter”

“Medicare Part D Coverage Determination and Appeals Audit Changes”

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