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  • Multiple HRSA findings challenge 340B Covered Entity to overhaul program operations

    Process:  The responsibility to manage compliance related to inventory, purchasing, and dispensation (replenishment) is complicated, and becomes increasingly complex with an increased number of split-billing vendors.  In this case, the …

    Now on a path for growth and success, a difficult audit resulted in multiple HRSA findings. Key to the transformation was the establishment of a 340B Compliance Committee of the CE's stakeholder. New operational processes and a split-billing vendor strategy were also critical components of rebuilding the program.
  • 340B Covered Entity Overcomes Challenges of Disparate Split-Billing Systems

    Process:  340B Program contract pharmacy oversight is no less challenging than oversight in the mixed-use (to include clinic and floor stock) space.  Because many contract pharmacies have dedicated split-billing vendors, …

    Several years had gone by without appropriate oversight for this CE with a large contract pharmacy network and multiple disparate split-billing platforms. Visante's audit uncovered issues related to having multiple split-billing systems, a common challenge for CEs. A new contract pharmacy strategy is now in place.
  • Establishing Outpatient Pharmacy in Rural Maine

    The Vision for Outpatient Pharmacy

    Thankfully, Katahdin Valley Health Center is led by a group of dedicated, innovative people who have a vision to expand access to healthcare to meet the …

    “Greg Burger was a tremendous support to our organization throughout the entire implementation process. He was available morning, noon and night to assist with any road blocks we may have encountered. His experience and guidance made this new endeavor for our organization a success by establishing a strong foundation that we can build on for years to come. We will also hit our four year projections in just two years! ” — Claudette Humphrey, Development & Grants Management Director, Katahdin Valley Health Center
  • Visante Assists Maine Medical Center to Open State’s only 24/7 Pharmacy

    The new outpatient pharmacy’s sole purpose is to fill prescriptions and to provide information to properly administer these medications for best results. Before this, the nearest 24/7 pharmacy was in …

    “We have been incredibly impressed with the professionalism and expertise that the entire Visante team has demonstrated throughout our partnership with them.” Brian Marden, Senior Pharmacy Director at Maine Medical Center
  • Medication Reconciliation – Improved Care and Savings

    A quality medication reconciliation program will catch discrepancies that can impact readiness for surgery. Likewise, an optimal discharge list can ensure that unnecessary or counter-productive medications are not resumed. …

    "I like to think of medication reconcilliation as creating one source of truth for an optimal medication list that will be shared by all disciplines in all settings." Cynthia Hennen, RPh, Visante Med Rec Specialist
  • Specialty Pharm Improves Patient Care, Adds $50 M in Revenue

    Today’s healthcare environment is constantly refocusing on increasing patient care outcomes under the constraints of cost containment. The only way out from under is to find new and improved …

    “The development of our Specialty Pharmacy Program was a critical initiative for our department and our health system." Jim Stevenson, former Chief Pharmacy Officer at the University of Michigan
  • Operational accuracy and efficiency is key to maximizing 340B program opportunity

    For one large community hospital, improper setup of a split-billing system resulted in $2-3 million lost in 8 short months of operations. The system incorrectly excluded its pediatric hospital from …

    Visante uncovers split-billing error responsible for $2-3 million in lost revenues
  • Pharmacy Revenue Cycle Reviews Can Recover Big $$

    Most hospitals, health systems, and free standing specialty care facilities are unaware that large amounts of pharmacy revenue may be leaking out of their systems and away from the bottom …

    Revenue cycle reviews in three different hospitals ID'd over $18M in potential lost revenue.
  • 340B Drug Program Savings Help Keep Rural Hospital Open

    By 2010, Aspirus Ontonagon was continuing to experience significant losses when it enrolled in the 340B program.  In early 2012, the hospital contracted with Ontonagon county’s only retail pharmacy allowing pharmaceuticals purchased by …

    Rural Michigan hospital goes from almost closing to opening new services as a result of reinvesting 340B program savings.
  • The Competitive World of Drug Trials

    A recent article “Lilly’s new strategy build around head-to-head drug trials” by J.K. Wall used extensive quotes by Visante’s Jim Jorgenson to describe the new reality of drug trials and the companies’ strategy …

    In the US, Visante estimates hospital chains will see reimbursement from government programs drop 30% over the next three years.
  • Visante Conducts Sterility Studies in UK Health Organizations

    Numerous studies have shown that BD’s PhaSeal® technology can greatly reduce contamination in the workplace environment. The system has also been shown to help reduce waste of high cost medicines. By …

    Annual savings of over £ 500,000 have been reported.
  • Visante Team Assesses Antimicrobial Use at Community Hospital

    Visante recently conducted an antimicrobial assessment and benchmarking study at a southern US community hospital. When compared to similar institutions, this hospital had much higher antimicrobial resistance. A review of …

    Recommendations indicate antimicrobial annual savings of $250K to $400K.