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Gain Confidence in Your 340B Program Compliance

Visante consultants deliver the highest level of 340B Program expertise—with ALL types of covered entities. Our stem to stern assessment reduces financial risk and identifies compliance issues that jeapordize your 340B Program. Our team’s expertise includes compliance and audit management for all major retail pharmacy and grocery store chains and all major split-billing solutions. Work with us and gain the advantage we provide through hundreds of thousands of contract pharmacy transactions and 25+ HRSA audits and manufacturer audits.

Our 340B Program Consulting Services
  • 340B program implementations
  • Comprehensive 340B Program assessment and integrity audit readiness reviews
  • External, independent compliance audit
  • HRSA audit support, including mock audits and onsite support for actual audits
  • Corrective action plan review and guidance
  • Contract pharmacy network implementation and audit readiness reviews
  • Internal audit design, implementation and support
  • Split-billing system selection and RFP guidance
  • Split-billing software implementation, configuration assessment and corrective action planning
  • Onsite staff training

In addition to our wide range of consulting services, our experts teamed up with Pharmacy Stars to develop a NEW, easy to use Web-based application to support ongoing 340B Program compliance and self-audits. Clients of all types and sizes will benefit from Compliance Tool: 340B as a stand-alone compliance aid, or in conjunction with our consulting services. Learn more here.

“Risks are amplified with continual changes to 340B regulations, and annual recertification brings opportunity for further scrutiny and even personal risk for hospital administrators.” — Kristin Fox-Smith, Vice President, Visante
With Visante, you can finally have full confidence in your program’s compliance.

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  • Compliance Tool: 340B

Articles by Visante Consultants

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Visante Webinars

  • 340B Program: Key things to know to work with covered entities

Visante Blogs

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Visante supports all types of covered entities:

  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Native Hawaiian Health Centers
  • Tribal/Urban Indian Health Centers
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Grantees
  • Children’s Hospitals
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Disproportionate Share Hospitals
  • Free Standing Cancer Hospitals
  • Rural Referral Centers
  • Sole Community Hospiotals
  • Black Lung Clinics
  • Comprehensive Hemophilia Centers
  • Title X Family Planning Clinics
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics
  • Tuberculosis Clinics