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  • Beyond USP <800>

    Beyond USP <800>

    Frequent Environmental Monitoring for Hazardous Drugs with BD’s HD Check

    Proposed revisions to USP <795>Pharmaceutical Compounding – Non-Sterile Preparations, USP <797>Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparations, and, proposed USP <800>Handling Hazardous Drugs in Healthcare Settings each have sections devoted …

  • Congratulations to retiring pharmacy and business leader Bob Carta

    Congratulations to long-time friend and colleague and BOP Forum member Bob Carta.  Bob is currently the Vice President of the Pharmacy Division for Atrium Health (formerly Carolinas Health).  Bob has been an outstanding leader for Atrium and the …

  • Road to USP <800> Compliance: Section 14

    Road to USP 800 Compliance

    Section 14 Administering

    Sections 1 through 13 of USP Chapter 800: Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settingsprovides the blueprint for safely getting a hazardous drug into our facilities and on to our shelves into a …

  • Important opportunity to comment on USP <797>

    As you know, proposed revisions to USP <797> are open for comment through November 30. We are concerned about a particular change and would like to bring your attention to the matter so that you may have the …

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