Middle East Pharmacy Consulting

Visante provides access to international best practices

Visante has been working with managed care companies and health system facilities in the Middle East for over 5 years. We understand the unique economic and cultural dynamics, and how to adapt international best practices to the region.

Some of our past Middle East pharmacy consulting projects include:

Inpatient pharmacy facility and operational design for new hospitals in Saudi Arabia

Visante helped two hospitals design their inpatient pharmacy operations, including dispensing, sterile compounding and inventory management areas. We also helped with staffing models to ensure available staff as patient and order volumes grew.

Pharmacy Benefit Management program (PBM) design and implementation

The region’s largest third-part administrator wanted to move from offering only claims adjudication to a full-service pharmacy benefit management program. Visante’s consultants worked on-site and remotely to identify their product and service gaps, and design and implement clinical and analytic programs to fill the voids. Our team continues to work with this client on second-generation programs and services to help them maintain their leadership position.

Visante also has developed relationships with local consulting teams, including Avicenna based in Saudi Arabia. We can bring these resources into projects when specific cultural and clinical practice experience is needed.