Drug Diversion Consulting

Drug Diversion in YOUR Organization? Not IF, but WHEN.

Addiction to prescription opioids has reached epidemic proportions and is a major driver of drug diversion. Hospitals aren’t immune to the growing problem and the DEA is increasing scrutiny of drug diversion in healthcare organizations. Visante’s program moves beyond a “trusting” culture to take a real bite out of diversion risk. Visante provides a comprehensive approach to this problem using pharmacy operations, informatics, and automation specialists along with nursing experts to examine all potential points of organizational vulnerability.

Visante’s Drug Diversion Consulting Prevention & Readiness Services:

Drug diversion must be a multidisciplinary program that will protect patients, practitioners and employees, and uncover diversion attempts as quickly as possible Visante’s multidisciplinary team provides a comprehensive approach with real-world solutions to combat drug diversion.

  • Drug diversion audit
  • Drug diversion program assessment
  • Drug diversion program development and implementation support

drug diversion

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What our clients say

“Through their multidisciplinary team and approach to look at all aspects (nursing practice, physician practice, pharmacy practice, different settings – physician offices, hospital setting, prescription pad storage), they definitely opened our eyes to the opportunities we could not have anticipated or identified on our own.”


Scott Hufford – Executive Director of Acute Care Services Pharmacy, Community Health Network


“Visante’s multidisciplinary pharmacy operations and nursing leadership approach brought a variety of perspectives to our institution that validated our internal assessments and broadened our targeted areas of improvement.  The external credibility of Visante’s robust integration and experience within the controlled substance diversion prevention community provided urgency to our stakeholders facilitating the movement of key decisions.”


Heath R. Jennings – Director of Pharmacy, Florida Hospital, Orlando




A nationwide menace
  • 2016 – Emory University Hospital reports theft of narcotics valued at $20-40 million.
  • 2016 – Criminal probe of Utah VA for theft of theft of more than 24,000 painkillers
  • 2016 – 4,800 patients exposed to hepatitis C by nurse stealing morphine
  • 2015 – Mass General Hospitals agrees to $2.3 million fine and Corrective Action Plan over drug diversion allegations
  • 2015 – Indiana VA Hospitals investigated by DEA for oral narcotic purchasing volume
  • 2015 – CDC reports multiple infection outbreak due to healthcare worker drug diversion
  • 2014 – New York City former pharmacy director charged with stealing narcotic pain killers with black market value of $5-6 million
  • 2014 – Dignity Health agrees to $1.5 million fine and Corrective Action Plan for mishandling controlled substances