Discharge Prescription Services

Improve patient care, avoid costly mistakes, reduce readmissions and add new revenue

Visante’s expertise in discharge prescription services (“Meds to Beds”) and medication reconciliation processes can dramatically improve patient care, patient satisfaction and outpatient pharmacy revenue. These programs can also reduce medication-related readmission risks.

Visante’s discharge prescription programs include:

Medication Reconciliation

Visante’s medication reconciliation process consulting has helped clients avoid potentially life-threatening medication-related mistakes, and improve patient outcomes through proper medication therapies. A quality admission medication reconciliation program will catch discrepancies that might otherwise follow a patient throughout their hospital stay. Ineffective admission mediation reconciliation is a primary source of medication errors. Likewise, discharge reconciliation procedures can help ensure take-home medications don’t provide therapeutic duplications or cause drug interactions, which are associated with complications and readmissions.

Discharge Prescription Capture Program

Linking an effective medication reconciliation program to a formal discharge prescription capture initiative is a very effective strategy. Patients have multiple pharmacy options for their prescriptions, and simply having an outpatient prescription program does not guarantee that patients will choose your pharmacy over others. Visante works with you to build an integrated discharge prescription capture program that can rapidly improve and sustain capture rates, optimizing patient outcomes and prescription margins.

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“I like to think of medication reconciliation as creating one source of truth for an optimal medication list that will be shared by all disciplines in all settings.”
Cynthia Hennen, RPh, Visante Senior Consultant