Senior Financial Consultant

Al Steindorf

Area of services: Compliance and operations

Al Steindorf has managed operational functions for various healthcare insurance organizations including claims processing, billing and reconciliation, coordination of benefits (COB)/subrogation, network analysis for accessibility standards and payment configuration rules for claims adjudication.

Prior to serving in independent consulting roles, Mr. Steindorf was Chief Financial Officer of Sutter Connect, a management services organization operated by Sutter Health. His responsibilities included overseeing the provision of managed care administrative services, physician practice management services including billing and accounts receivable management.

Recent consulting assignments for Al have focused on Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug programs and issues related to client preparation forCMS audit and post audit remediation. He has also been on assignments that included the development, implementation and turnaround management of Medicare and Medicaid health plans. He has been integral in post acquisition clean-up projects which involved the integration of financial and operational aspects, revenue recognition and accounts receivable validation.

Mr. Steindorf graduated from the University of Wisconsin where he received both a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a masters in Business Administration.

Al Steindorf lives in Dallas Texas.