Visante to Work with HighFive Health to Develop and Deploy Pharmacy Software Products.

Visante is pleased to work with HighFive Health, developer of the HighFive mediciation management and clinical decision support system. HighFive’s four products, including Prioritize, Predict, Reconcile and Persist can either be used separately or in combination to provide medication management solutions. Prioritize helps to identify and manage high-priority patients. Predict targets those patients with the most medication risk and intervenes in the most efficient and effective way. Reconcile helps to create medication reconciliation lists and share them instantly within the community.Persist helps make drug therapy more affordable for both plans and patients.

Under this agreement, Visante consultants are assisting HighFive in the development of new software solutions as well providing expertise in the deployment of HighFive’s technology in a manner that will maximize patient care outcomes and provides financial benefits for the hospital, staff and patients.

“At Indiana Health, using Prioritize helped us to achieve a 20% improvement in clinical pharmacy work efficiency,” explained Jim Jorgenson, CEO of Visante. “Prioritize eliminates the need to hunt for data that’s already available and gives the clinical pharmacist the tools to prioritize high-risk patients. These niche tools greatly improve patient care while at the same time increasing efficiency.”

“My experience with hundreds of hospital pharmacies is that clinical decision support and surveillance technology alone rarely improves their productivity and quality to the extent possible,” stated Keith Streckenbach, Co-Founder of HighFive Health. “Visante’s strategic alliance with HighFive Health will add value that can be measured in terms of improved safety, patient care outcomes and financial benefits for the hospital.”