Tellus LLC announced today a joint venture with Visante and Pharmacy Stars to launch GO! Pharmacy LLC. The new business will offer cloud-based software applications providing niche solutions to the spectrum of pharmacy markets.

Go! Pharmacy seeks to identify challenges confronting healthcare organizations and create intuitive solutions to seamlessly integrate pharmacy compliance and operations. “There is a huge demand for flexible, expandable solutions addressing compliance issues in pharmacy practice settings ranging from acute care to managed care to long term care,” explains Jim Jorgenson, CEO Visante. “As compliance requirements both expand and change through time, a nimble software company with deep industry knowledge is the best way our customers can adapt quickly.”

Jim Stevenson, Visante’s President, concurs, “With more than eighty consultants in the field talking to pharmacy leaders and personnel on a daily basis we are well-positioned to uncover challenges lending themselves to technology solutions. Our partnership with Pharmacy Stars and Tellus provides the software development expertise and infrastructure we need to successfully create and deploy scalable solutions to meet those challenges.

Tellus has successfully developed and deployed pharmacy software solutions as a contractor for Pharmacy Stars. “Having been a vendor & partner of both Visante and Pharmacy Stars for several years we knew we had the right partner to work within the pharmacy space. As one of the leading pharmacy consulting firms in the world, Visante brings unparalleled insight and access,” said Brad Levine, Tellus CEO.

About Tellus

Tellus LLC is a software solution holding company based in Pompano Beach, FL with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Tellus’ product suite is called GO! Healthcare Cloud Solutions and includes GO! LTC (long-term care), GO! Home Health, Go! VVA (Mobile Visit Verification & Tracking), and GO! Pharmacy. Tellus also works with healthcare organizations to commercialize and maintain proprietary applications that add value by converting cost centers to revenue opportunities. Tellus’ investment fund is seeking opportunities to acquire new and innovative technologies.   Learn more at

About Pharmacy Stars

Based in Wisconsin, PharmacyStars has the vision of every pharmacy employing best operational and compliance practices to ensure safe, appropriate use of medicines. Pharmacy Stars teams with “business of pharmacy” experts to convert their expertise and know-how into intuitive, powerful cloud-based software for use by all pharmacies. Learn more at