This is a reminder to all 340B facilities that the upcoming 340B enrollment period is April 1-15, 2016.

All 340B facilities should consider reviewing the information listed below on a quarterly basis to ensure that its OPA database entry meets all up-to-date 340B requirements:

  • Child site enrollments (including cost report, cost center, and trial balance requirements)
  • Contract pharmacy registrations or terminations
  • Medicaid carve-in/carve-out status
  • State Medicaid provider numbers
  • Authorizing officials or primary contacts, including correct phone numbers and addresses

As a reminder, child site, and contract pharmacy enrollments conducted during the April enrollment / change window will be eligible to participate in the 340B Program beginning July 1, 2016.   The next opportunity for enrollment after April is July 1-15, 2016 for an effective date of October 1, 2016.   New child sites are outpatient departments of the hospital that appear on the hospital’s most recently filed Medicare cost report.  For contract pharmacies, there must be a contract in place between the hospital and the potential contract pharmacy by April 15, 2016, for any new contract pharmacy enrollments.

If your organization needs assistance in this area, please contact Kristin Fox-Smith at

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