We’re excited to attend ASHP Midyear and hear from fellow pharmacy practitioners about their perspectives on important new developments in clinical pharmacy. Year after year, the Midyear meeting provides a value-packed venue for updating knowledge, networking with colleagues, enhancing skills, and learning about the latest products and innovations.

At Visante, we see many challenges facing healthcare but more importantly we are optimistic about the resulting opportunities. If you plan to attend the meeting, let us know if you’d like to get together and talk about how the business of pharmacy impacts your organization.

Email us here to schedule a time to meet. Here are a few of the Visante team who will be at the conference:
Jim Jorgenson, CEO
Jim Stevenson, President
Wendy Weingart, Sr. Vice President
Greg Burger, Vice President
Kristin Fox-Smith, Vice President
Tony Zappa, Vice President
Dave Zilz, Visante Board Member
Visante consultants: Cathy Bratt-Rico, Denny Briley, Maureen Burger, Jane Henry, Bill Kelly, Mike McGregory, Doug Miller, Warren Rose, Greg Schaeffer, Robert Schenk, Jim Toohey, Steve Witz, Bill Wood, Tammy Zukowski

We hope you have a very productive experience at ASHP Midyear and enjoy all the great things that wonderful New Orleans has to offer!

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