Have you wondered about adding revenue to your bottom line by expanding your outpatient pharmacy services? As a means of initiating that conversation, Visante devised a simple calculator that only requires five pieces of information and then provides a rough estimate of the potential dollars your organization could net to boost your bottom line and add much-needed and much-appreciated services for your employees and patient population.

Here is an example of the kind of revenue that can be generated by a well run outpatient pharmacy servicing your Emergency Department, Out Patient Clinics, and employee prescription drug benefit.

calculator example

To enter your hospital/health system’s numbers in the Outpatient Pharmacy Revenue Calculator, use this link.

The Outpatient Revenue Calculator was designed for illustrative purposes only. Once you enter your organization’s information and you see your results you can choose to print the page, and/or enter your contact information to continue the conversation with a Visante senior consultant.

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