Our Services

Optimizing medicines use creates efficiency with improved patient-centered outcomes

Hospitals, Health Systems and Other Providers

We are innovators in the business of pharmacy, helping our clients optimize patient outcomes while improving financial performance. Our multi-disciplinary team of medication management consulting experts implement best practices throughout the health system, and uncover new opportunities to generate revenue and improve patient care.

Managed Care and Government Programs

Our highly experienced government programs experts help improve compliance with evolving, complex regulations and standards. We specialize in Medicare Parts C and D, and can help our clients to improve their compliance operations and prepare for and complete audits by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) or other regulatory agencies.

Pharmaceutical Industry and Healthcare Technology

Visante consultants’ vast experience in the hospital and health system markets gives us unique knowledge and perspective into developing a compelling value statement for new technology and medications. We help manufacturers and technology firms to expand their market reach while improving patient care through the optimal use of their products and services.

Visante International

Our medication management consulting expertise reaches across borders to Canada, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. We work with managed care companies and hospitals and health systems to help optimize medication use. Our experienced consultants help improve financial performance and patient care while working within unique cultural and economic settings.