Senior Director

Tammy Zukowski

Area of services: Compliance and operations

Prior to this, Tammy was Specialty Pharmacy Program Manager for the University of Michigan Health System.  When she began in this position, the program was in its infancy. Under her direction, it became a $25 million enterprise experiencing a 40% annual growth rate while achieving favorable profit margins.   She was in charge of a staff of 35 who filled an average of 7,000 specialty pharmacy prescriptions each month.  Her oversight included all aspects of department functions including clinical management, fulfillment services, benefit and eligibility verification and counseling, prior authorization, patient assistance, billing and collections, third-party reimbursement, and medication distribution.  She was also responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance, monitoring changes to state and federal agencies and accreditation bodies pertaining to specialty pharmacy.

Tammy joined the University of Michigan Health System team beginning in the Finance area assisting with new registrations and insurance verification in the Emergency Department.  She then became Transplant Financial Coordinator providing financial counseling for all potential lung and liver transplant candidates.  In this position she worked with patients, families and transplant teams to coordinate reimbursement for transplant related patient accounts. By working closely with the UMHS contracting office and billing department she engaged in negotiations with third party payers to be certain all requirements were met for referrals, authorizations and case rate agreements for the transplant evaluation and the transplant event.

Tammy Zukowski received a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelors degree in Business with a concentration in Health Care Administration from Cleary University in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

She lives in Bloomfield, Michigan.