Managing Director, Visante UK

Mandeep Butt

Area of services: Clinicians

As Director and Pharmaceutical Adviser to MedMan Solutions, Mandeep provides interim pharmaceutical advice, support, and training to NHS and academic organizations. This includes acute commissioning support to the North Central London Commissioning Support Unit and Hounslow PCT. She was project lead for a service evaluation of pharmacist prescribers in non-acute settings at East & South East England Specialist Pharmacy Services, and was project lead for the development of medicines management e-Learning packages at CLCH.

Since 2002, she has acted as budget holder for various prescribing budgets having an overall value of £25 million, including GP prescribing, oxygen and high cost specialist drugs. Using the NHS Standing Financial Instructions for guidance, her programs have operated within financial balance year after year by using tools that support efficiency and value for money. At Harrow CCG, she was budget holder for £29m and Southwark £31m. In 2011 she worked on the QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Prevention, and Productivity) Plan that identified £325K savings and delivered £346K. In that same year, she identified specialized medicines savings of £360k for a full year and realized £146k within the first six months.

Mandeep Butt received her BPharm and MSc degrees in Pharmacy Practice from the London School of Pharmacy (University of London) and is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB). She holds a Certificate in Healthcare Management from Open University and is a qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner as well as a qualified Managing Successful Programme (MSP) Practitioner. She was a member of the team awarded the 21st Pharmaceutical Care Award in 2013 for research evaluating the impact of independent pharmacist prescribers on hypertension management. She was project lead for the team that earned the UKCPA Napp Asthma Award 2012, which evaluated practice by pharmacist independent prescribers working in asthma/COPD Clinics in primary and secondary care.